4 easy habits to overcome your writer’s block

The habits that gain you worthy writing ideas

Photo: Issac Smith — Unplash
Photo: Issac Smith — Unplash

When I just started writing daily, I often felt my creativity was at a low point. I looked at the empty white paper and did not know what to write about. I tried hard to seek a worthy idea to write but my mind seems just blank. What I did not know is that my mind is full of ideas, not just ideas, but the ideas that appeal me to write about. Most writers write from their . When those information are not immediately available in my conscious for me to write about them, I would try to contact my data-bank aka my subconscious mind. . The question is how to withdraw an idea from your data-bank of thoughts. I have four ways to do that.

Crash and burn

“Crash and burn” is a writing exercise when the writers write down nonstop whatever appear in their mind in a set of few minutes without giving any judgments or hesitation of their thoughts. The valuable idea will have a high chance to crash by the stream of consciousness. Matthew Dicks, the author of the bestseller — , has used this technique to find his worthy stories. His rules of this exercise are: Not to get attached to one story; Not to judge any idea that enter your mind, just write it down; and Not to stop your pen from moving before the time end. The exercise will help the writer to generate a fine idea or resurrect an old memory or experience that worth write about. You can start by setting 2 to 5 minutes alarm and write down what in the back of your head.

Shower thoughts

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Have you ever come up with the smartest and the most creative (or craziest) idea when having a shower? Well,. When in a shower, you are in a relaxed state with zero distractions. Research shown that when a person is in a relaxed state of mind, his/her brain will release more dopamine, which helps boost their creativity. Additionally, the relaxation of your mind will allow your prefrontal cortex to relax as well, this could help increase your imagination and allow your mind to wander. Insightful ideas or solution for a problem you are facing will easily come from your subconscious mind.

The downside of having thoughts in the shower is that the ideas will “easy come, easy go”. To avoid washing your ideas down the drain, try to record them down right after the shower. Also, in my experience, it doesn’t necessary to be in a shower, I can actually generate ideas as long as I am extremely relaxing and in a private space (next to my pen and paper to write them all down).


Talking about extremely relax and in a private space, it is not for nothing that Google firm has been introduced to their employee Meditation room and encouraged them to practice meditation. Science research has proved that meditation can be benefit for creative thinking and improve attentions. Aren’t those skills vital for a writer to be success? Andy Puddicombe , co-founder of Headspace, shared in his that meditation is not an act of stopping thoughts, it rather be a step back from the busy mind to watch the come and go thoughts from different perspectives. That is how my writing ideas come. When practicing mediation, I allow my thoughts keep crashing by one by one without judgment or holding on one thought. In the end of the meditation, the very few thoughts that comeback to me are the ones worth writing about. The last episode of Netflix series “Headspace Guide to Meditation”, How to achieve your limitless potential , is the one that I keep coming back to for mindfulness practise and creative boosting.

Dream journey

Some people think dreams are just random nonsense events happening in their head during their sleeping. I think different. I think dreaming is a way of subconscious mind to communicate with conscious mind. One day, I had a strange dream that I was working in my office and my husbands walked in and asked an endless list of questions about everything around the house. I was so annoyed and throwed a pen to him to stop him from asking. He used his hand to cover and protect his face from the upcoming pen and somehow the pen cut one of his fingers off. The finger was lying on the floor and his hand was nonstop bleeding. The images in the dream seem nonsense however the emotion of myself toward it feel so real. During the dream and even when waked up that day, I can feel very annoyed when got interrupted and deeply regretful for hurting my husband so much that at some point my finger has start feeling the pain. Thinking about it, I realise the dream has reflexed accurately one of my concerns that I tend to ignore during my awake time. In awake time, I often feel irritated when got interrupted during work from home, but I had ignored the feeling and rather answering the questions quickly and continued to work. Sometimes I even said mean things or shown attitude when got interrupted. Even he said he did not mind about my attitude when I said sorry to him, I didn’t feel well with that. The dream was a way that my subconscious mind communicated to my conscious mind to inform that it was not ok to ignore the issue. I felt so much better after a talk with my husband about the issue and we got solution for that.

believes that dreams could help to evaluate a person feeling, precepts, memories, wishes, fantasies, conflicts, impulses and defences as well as image of self and others by discovering what the dream imagery represent. Those are great material for writers to write about, therefore, keeping a dream journal daily is an ideal way to get inspiration.


In conclusion, your subconscious mind is powerful and has unlimited potential. If you can find the way to communicate with your subconscious mind effectively, you will be surprised with how much interesting idea you can retrieve from the back of your mind.

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