Haruki shared his formula of being a successful writer in What I talk about when I talk about running

By Canva

Haruki Murakami is well- recognized as talent writer with an unique writing style. His successful novels such as Norwegian Wood, 1Q84, The wind-up bird chronicle, Kafka on the shore,… gained multiple awards and love from readers. Beside his legendary works, I personally impress with his ability to continuously create high standard works years after years. In his memoir “What I talk when I talk about running” , the author has revealed insightfully how he manage on keep up running and writing; and his coping with ageing. …

From wanting to write to actually write daily, how will you do that?

Your self- efficacy is strongly related to your writing performance as research shown. In this article, I will share a list of micro- habits that actually work and help me improve self-efficacy and writing capability.

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What is self- efficacy?

Self- efficacy was introduced by Albert Bandura as “people’s beliefs in their capabilities to exercise control over their own functioning and over events that affect their lives”. A self- efficacious person is the one who believe that he or she has the power to control of the outcome of a situation at least in some level. A person’s self- efficacy belief will affect how that person think, feel, and act toward a situation. With a strong belief that they have ability to influence the outcome of their performance, ones can be motivated and act in favour toward their wanted outcome…

The habits that gain you worthy writing ideas

Photo: Issac Smith — Unplash
Photo: Issac Smith — Unplash
Photo: Issac Smith — Unplash

When I just started writing daily, I often felt my creativity was at a low point. I looked at the empty white paper and did not know what to write about. I tried hard to seek a worthy idea to write but my mind seems just blank. What I did not know is that my mind is full of ideas, not just ideas, but the ideas that appeal me to write about. Most writers write from their conscious which are thoughts, memories and feelings they are aware of at the given moment. When those information are not immediately available in…

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